Vikram PU College

Principal’s message

An institution with a vision and mission to be a pathbreaking academy with Indian values , we constantly strive towards the holistic development of students and prepare them to face the challenging world after the culmination of their two year journey at Vikram Independent P.U. College .

We aim at kindling and nurturing the quest for knowledge and providing them with the tenacity of mind to go forward as responsible citizens of our next generation.


Vikram Independent PU College was institutionalisedin 2006 under the aegis of Sri Lakshmi Education Society(R).The college Is affiliated to Pre-University Education Board, Bangalore.

Located in the rural town of Chintamani, SLES Educational Institutions offer a unique opportunity to the local as well as the extended community. With its commitment to academic excellence, it provides a much needed platform for the local students to follow and realise their potentials.

A premier institution in the local township as well as in the state of Karnataka, SLES offers a deeply rooted educational system with emphasis on a consistent, inspired, passionate and dedicated teaching fraternity.

Nestled in a serene campus, the institution allows for the free flow of ideas and makes way for learning and understanding at a deeper level. The Institution respects and acknowledges the vital role parents play in the academic and overall development of the students.. Mentoring opportunities are available for parents and students to engage in meaningful discussions related to academic and non academic concerns.

Students’ progress is monitored continually and this is conveyed to parents thereby establishing transparency and accountability. The institution enables and encourages an open door policy wherein paretns can reach out to mentors and the teaching fraternity over any concerns.

SLES is accredited and rated as an ‘A’ grade Pre-University college in the state of Karnataka by the Pre-University Board,Government of Karnataka.

Courses offered

  • LANGUAGES: Kannada, English, Hindi , Urdu

Salient features of Vikram Independent P.U.College

Personalised Attention:

Vikram Independent P.U. With only 60 students in a class,the college provides personalised attention to every student. Pro-academic activities are conducted every week to optimise the performance of the students.

Parent and student counselling:

The college regularly updates parents on the students’ test marks and attendance through SMS and mails. Parent teacher interactions are held once in 3 months and this provides the opportunity for mutual sharing of concerns and for information on the students’ performance.

Coaching for Professional Courses :

The college provides coaching for professional courses like JEE[Mains & Advance] & NEET , CET, COMED-K and AIEEE. Over the years,many students have got admissions into medical and IIT engineering colleges as well as other prestigious engineering colleges of Karnataka. Students also gained admission into their chosen field of agriculture & veterinary courses.

Mentor system :

The faculty mentors take onus of groups of 20 students each, thereby providing valuable advice that can motivate and enhance the students’ performance and overall development.

For Further enquiries please contact- 7019570279
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