Chairman’s Message

Dear SLES family members,

Over the years, the progress and success of our institutions is evident and palpable. This inspires us to strive forward with continued zeal towards further realising our vision. We derive our strength from our formidable student body that epitomises our ideals. We have much to be proud of; however, these are but stepping stones leading towards a larger goal. With sustained efforts and motivation, the onus to realise our vision lies extensively on our students. We remain committed to imparting superlative education serving the best interest of our stakeholders. Together, let us move ahead in this relentless journey to create a brighter future for our next generations.

C N Narasimha Reddy
SLES Group of Institutions


The foundations of the institution is borne and built out of a sincere wish to provide quality education across disciplines, to the students of a rural area. We are committed to being a path breaking institution that aims at reaching out to the local communities , as well as the society at large, and equip the next generation with a holistic and life changing experience.The value of a good education is immense and carries us through the challenges we are bound to face in life. We live in a complex and ever changing world. The education we provide, aims at building not just knowledge, but vital skills and the strength of mind to handle all situations with confidence and equanimity.We strive forward in our vision to create a platform for our students to educate themselves in every sense of the word and walk out of our portals, ready to face their bright futures.


To provide quality education through which our students can realize their potential and dreams.To disperse awareness of academic honesty and value for ethical practices in our students.To identify and tap the inner potential of each of our students and help them realize their capabilities in a caring and inspiring environment.To promote mutual love, respect and tolerance and the ability to care for our fellow humans, regardless of barriers such as religion, language, culture or strata in society.To provide ample opportunities for application of theoretical knowledge through practicals and outbound learning.To create a safe and inspiring environment that in turn creates our talent pool of the future.Above all, to develop a student body of young, energetic, honest and inspired individuals who will aim high in all their aspirations.
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