SLES College of Nursing was established in the year 2005-06 and serves a vital role in the development and training of caring and competent nurses. It is committed to the preparation of a well-qualified and dedicated fraternity of nurses who can lead the way into the future of nursing.

Courses Offered:

Message from the Principal’s Desk

To quote the famous words of William Osler, “The trained nurse has become one of the great blessings of humanity, taking a place beside the physician and the priest.” Nursing has remained as one of the most honourable and sought after professions since time immemorial.
Modern nursing encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of individuals across ages and societies. Nursing includes promotion of health, timely intervention and prevention of illness, care of the ill, disabled and indeed, those who are beyond healthcare and are at the threshold between life and death. The key roles of nursing as per the Royal college of nursing, UK, includes establishing of a safe environment, participation in formulating health policy, patient and health system management and education and research. In order to prepare our young aspirants to meet the global standards of nursing care, we have to identify the factors that are contributing to efficiency and excellence. We aim at attaining and sustaining high standards of nursing care at all levels and social settings.
Overcoming negligence is the key to success in nursing profession. I wish to cite a few common errors of negligence such as medication errors, injuries due to falls, bed sores, infections, malnutrition, dehydration or over hydration. These glitches can be overcome by imbibing the qualities of dedication, compassion, loyalty to patients and the work place, professional integrity and moral values in day-to-day practice.
I would like to make a special mention of our efforts over the years, at encouraging our students to converse increasingly in English. As we are aware, English is the international medium of communication. As such, it is vital that our students have a working knowledge of English in order to move on and outside of their immediate environment and communicate with utmost confidence.
SLES College of nursing has made dedicated and conscious efforts to incorporate these aspects into our framework of professional nursing education and training at all levels. In addition, we strive constantly towards further improving the curriculum through regular appraisals based on current trends and requirements.