SLES PARAMEDICAL COLLEGE  strives to offers its student most comprehensive and quality education the the institutande affiliated to the Karnataka paramedical board Bangalore the institute is recognised


Government of Karnataka

Spotting the highly expanding need for paramedical service personal sles groups of institutions sles paramedical college to inspired generation of passion and practice the institute focuses on delivery high quality comprehensive integrated education in labolatory technology based on innovation and newer approaches in modern technology and research we provide the finest infraustructure and facilities to our students enabiling theair learning

Considering the importance of diagnostic services of sles promotes the spirit of charity, service, and understanding in its students with primary purpose for improving patient safety and promoting rural community health


Enhancing an inherent interest in healthcare with a positive mind for self innovation industrial drive and professionalism


TO  develop an atmosphere for quality education through credible training led by an able and experienced faculty upholding vaues of professional ethics


Excellent infrastructure along with an eminent faculty and familiarizing with a hospital of world class  standards are considered  essential and hence striving to maintain the same

Our goal

Our goal is impart paramedical education with spirituvality to students of backward classes in Karnataka and helping them to uplift their living


TO Make student aware of themselves positively and develop self confidence im them equipped with competency and calibre necessary to face the challenges outside

— to develop a positive frame a mind along with a character to face and over come complex situations during the course of their career and professional life

— help them develop a sound opinion about themselves and make them confident of their own abilities

—-to  make them acquainted with the values they uphold in their professional life and develop all – organized personality